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White Chocolate Covered Oreos Turtles
Our Price: $7.19
Our Price: $8.39
White Chocolate Covered Oreos Milk Chocolate Turtles
(10 oz) Delicious Oreo cookies are hand-dipped in creamy white chocolate and then drizzled with milk chocolate to create a white chocolate lover's treat.  Packaged in our signature gold striped bag. (10 pieces) Fancy pecans smothered in a creamy caramel and then covered in milk chocolate.  Individually stacked in our signature brown bag.
12 Assorted Filled Easter Eggs Toffee Gourmet Pretzel Rod
Our Price: $9.99
Our Price: $2.39
Gourmet Pretzel Rod
12 filled Easter Eggs wrapped in beautiful colors.  Gold: Peanut Butter Filled, Pink: Krispy Filled, Dark Pink: Strawberry Creme, Light Purple: Raspberry Creme, Lime Green: Maple Creme, Light Blue: Coconut Creme (2 oz 1 rod per package) We dip pretzel rods into creamy caramel then cover them with milk chocolate and covered with you favorite topping.
12 Peanut Butter Filled Easter Eggs Toffee Gourmet Apple
Our Price: $9.99
Our Price: $8.19
Toffee Gourmet Chocolate Apples
12 filled Easter Eggs wrapped in beautiful colors and filled with our melt-in-your mouth peanut butter filling. A delicious hand-picked Granny Smith apple, dipped in creamy caramel, then in smooth milk chocolate and smothered with toffee.  White chocolate is then drizzle to give the apple a special touch.